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Searching for a dream treasure...
12/29/2016, 06:39:33

    Sudo writes:

    I had a dream tonight, where I clicked an anomalous buoy right next to the most anomalous terrain formation in the game: the "spike" next to Castle Ironfist. And what happened was that it started raining Meteor Showers and Starbursts on the "spike", reducing it to a crater. And in the crater appeared a lot of gems and a chest.

    And so I went to the web at first, even though I was pretty sure I have never heard of such a thing. But what do I find? I find that there is a scroll of Meteor Shower in an unnamed tree north of The Temple of Baa!
    So I've been trying to click all the buoys and cast Meteor Shower all around... still no treasure...

    But it would be so amazing to find a new easter egg after such a long time.

    It was just a dream, but there is also an extremely well-hidden secret in the Monolit, where you have to click the rocks in the first room 10 times back and forth, to get a small treasure (a shield, boots and a book).

    Well, thought it was interesting to share. And who knows, I might find something, hehe.

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