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You could try...
06/24/2016, 12:53:32

    Vaoe writes:

    1: Running the game in Compatibility Mode (95, 98 or XP SP3 work good for me with older games)

    2: Set up a virtual machine to run Win98

    3. Set up Linux on a partition, USB or Live Disk and run the game through WINE, still can use your save files

    4. Run from the MM6.exe in the game folder directly, I have never had an issue with MM6 on Win10 but I've never loaded it from the splash auto-run screen either.

    I got that error when installing from my original game disks and ended up getting the GOG version anyway to preserve the original CDs (I've lost the map though /cry ). So you could try a copy of the GOG version if you haven't already.

    Good Luck!

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