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MM6 memory check error in Win10
06/21/2016, 20:47:19

    dave_rickart writes:

    upgraded to Win10 a month ago. Installed MM6 (as admin) and been playing through. Got all four Memory Crystals for the Oracle by now, off to clear Paradise Valley and Dragonsands so I'm well into the game.


    Occasionally, I click on the CD drive and get the start game screen (the golden plate armor)....and it throws an error trying to check the available memory in the system.

    (Like you need a minimum of 300MB to play.... so my system returns thousands of MBs and the game craps out).

    This was happening once in a blue moon at first, but today is happening every single time I try to launch the game.

    I realize the original code probably checks MBs instead of GBs for memory, and might have an issue with digits/decimal points, but it was working fine up to now (with occasional glitches).

    Any workaround known out there?

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