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One file! Didn't notice it when I use the tar command, hehe.
05/30/2016, 07:29:12

    Sudo writes:

    And yeah, better use a compression format specifically for Unix file-systems when on Linux (so using the tar command, with the supported compression methods).

    And you can also use SquashFS, which allows you to mount the file-system, so you don't have to strain your disk with extracting the files.

    I even have some of my good old games in sfs files, which actually speeds up the loading when using a modern processor.
    Though you have to link-out the save-files.
    Let's see... Lords2.sfs (55MB)... extracted: 107MB!
    So almost half the space... as it uses .WAV files for sound, which is very inefficient.

    Anyway, good that you pointed out the file-attribute problem!

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