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A cool native feature of Linux
05/17/2016, 12:17:37

    Sudo writes:

    You can create ram-disks easily through a terminal, or preferably just putting the commands in a script:
    size=700000 #700mb
    sudo mkfs -q /dev/ram0 $size
    mkdir ~/$ramdisk
    sudo mount /dev/ram0 ~/$ramdisk
    sudo chown $(this_user):users ~/$ramdisk
    sudo chmod u+w ~/$ramdisk

    This creates a ramdisk in your home directory, and authorizes you on it. Must be run in a terminal, as you need to authorize yourself, as sudo (super-user do/act) is used, to give the user temporary super-user permissions.

    So, this way you can play all the old MM games in full speed. Though you have to load one game in at a time, as it's only 700mb. But if you have 16gb of ram, you can run your whole OS and more in ram ^^

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