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Sorry for the confusion!
05/18/2016, 09:29:07

    Sudo writes:

    I just mean that this is a nice way of getting the best possible performance out of games.
    And in Linux this is more practical than you'd think, coming from Windows.
    As you don't have to ever reboot if you don't feel the need to update your kernel. Just suspend to ram or to disk.

    You could also add amsimple cpmcommand to the create_ramdisk script, to copy stuff you want to have in it at every boot-up. Anyways, I was just exposing an interesting feature here, not some necessity for running Lonux.

    So you are entirely correct: you can just store your games on the usb drive, and also run games from your ntfs partitions.
    The thing is that a usb drive is oftentimes slower than a hhd.

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