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Potent of Ukko ...
04/14/2011, 14:34:49

    BDJ writes:

    Here's the Quest Assignment text.

    "[Ilmatar, the mother of the warrior Lemkanen laments her sonís death. Seeing you she makes a proposition,]

    My son discovered his wife was unfaithful, so he left the land seeking battle to forget his sorrows. As he traveled he repaid his wifeís infidelity by seducing dozens of women. This created many enemies who killed him. They cremated him and divided the remains into six urns which they scattered throughout the realm. Find the six urns and return them to me along with a potion of the god Ukko to heal him,. The potion can only be made by an alchemist in Norseland. Your reward will be great but beware my sonís wife, Kylliki would do anything to prevent you from succeeding in this venture."

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