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TCC mod problem:
04/10/2011, 18:38:53

    Anders writes:

    Hi, i am a little frustrated now in the TCC mod, because i have no idea what to do know i am stuck, I have not played the mod for over a month, but i am going to try now to get further in the game

    1. I can`t seem to complete the bog of tuela quest with the witches, she always say there is witches left in the town, is there a bug or someting?

    2. The jaffar quest, I have found 4people to judge but i can`t find the fifth to judge. The four i have found is in Mystic island an two of them is in Port sleighton an the last in Katàn but where is the fifth?

    3.I am in level 36 now and i have got a quest in the story to recover a norse invasion plan can i do that in Level 36?

    4. I am short in magic i need master in them, Where is the master Airos And Aqua??

    5. can someone give me a hint for where to look after the Horn of vainen?

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