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My unofficial patch v1.3
08/01/2005, 01:58:48

    Mok writes:

    I finally found some time to upload new version of the patch. The link is the same. I called it 1.3 to avoid confusion with official patches 1.1 and 1.2. Changes from previous version: patches 1.1 and 1.2 are included, fixed shield and armor recovery, fixed music playing, Caps Lock will toggle running/walking mode. Full changelog below:

    Changes from official v1.2:
    - Fixes from patches 1.1 and 1.2 are included.
    - Small updates to Miles Sound System (4.0b to 4.0g) and Smacker (3.1n to 3.1s)
    - Fixed broken doors in Shadow Guild and Kriegspire Castle.
    - Fixed shield and armor recovery (Thanks to Mike Kienenberger for the fix).
    - Caps Lock key will toggle running/walking
    - Fixed CD Audio initialization. Music will play even if CD2 isn't in the first CD-ROM drive in your system.
    - Buggy harddrive free space check removed.
    - Added a few configuration options to mm6.ini file located in the games directory:


    > AlwaysRun enables running. If you press Shift you'll walk. Default is 1 (enabled). Always disabled before the patch.
    > FlipOnExit turns your party when you exit a building. Default is 0 (disabled). Always enabled before the patch.
    > LoudMusic sets the maxium volume of in-game CD Music to maximum of your normal Windows CD Audio Volume Slider. Normally the game sets it to half the volume which is too quiet for some setups. Default is 0 (disabled). Always disabled before the patch.


    Related link:

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