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Well.....I almost understand what you're saying; however...
10/13/2004, 18:13:21

    Maybeth writes:

    Dunerider and I both were talking about the location of the promotion "in the game", and you sound like you're just talking about your interpretation of how things would be in reality, ie, if Enroth was a real country things would certainly be laid out a bit differently. My only reason for stating the true, in game, location of the priest promo guy was that if a relatively new player was reading your posting they would in all likelihood end up being very, very confused and spend rather a long time trying to figure out why they can't find Anthony Stone or his castle after they have explored every region of Freehaven.

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  • yeah - Hero of Hyrule ( Thu 14-Oct-04 17:54:48 ) +1
    • Ah. (n/t) - Maybeth ( Thu 14-Oct-04 19:57:30 )