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Level 0 solo peasant knight game: Killer saves the Enroth!
10/10/2004, 06:14:54

    arturchix writes:

    Wohooo, I did it!!! The Hive was hard but not as nearly hard comparing with Tomb of Varn. My walkthrough for the Hive:

    [1] Reload at item shops (Blackshire, Kriegspire, Eel Infested Waters) to get at least 2 Lloids Beacon scrolls. I got one from Blackshire and another one from Kriegspire shop.

    [2] Made a trip to Sweet Water and set a beacon very close to Hive (duration over 30 days), then with Gatemaster to Blackshire.

    [3] From Blackshire to Kriegspire for wells of +30 levels temporary and +40 to Armor Class. Immediately with Gatemaster to New Sorpigal and NWC dungeon via the teleporter for +256 stat boost. Now my knight had ~670 HP. Also I made about 25 Divine Cure potions.

    [4] On my way completed the obelisks (no real need for it actually) and the statues quest. As a reward I got Ö Conan the Devil Slayer!!

    [5] Now with second LB scroll back to Sweet Water and enter the Hive. In Hive I had to explore all holes to activate the levers. I had absolutely no problems to do it, devils could do ridiculously little damage. And BTW, in Hive in one of the tunnels there is also sort of well which restores HP.

    [6] I cleared the room full with devils before entering the one with Reactor, took some 2 hours or so. Reactor was done very easy, and so was the Queen (successful hit, TBM, save, reload, successful hit, TBM, saveÖ). Btw, it was funny that right after destroying the Reactor suddenly all of my chars were resurrected and then three of them again made dead! The good part of it was that my knight was suddenly fully healed but the bad part Ö devils dispelled all my boosts including the +256 one and my knight had only 350 HP (as a maximum). The Queen was quite resistant to even Conanís attacks, besides, take a look at Killerís HP when Queen is close to destroyed! Luckily Queen didnít disappear after game reloads (from my previous experience) so killing her was just a matter of time.

    Anyway, I am happy this is over and I think itís enough for me with MM6 for a while.

    P.S. Donít be confused seeing a priest in my party (dead, of course! ). I completed the quest to be able to heal also in Free Haven temple.


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