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It's nice to know that GOG used some of our stuff....
02/02/2019, 00:09:45

    Bones writes:

    Now I'm curious to know how much. Not curious enough to actualy do anything about it, though.

    You want to get a copy of WinrRez. That's the utility to unpack REZ files -- the Lithtech resources. It's still being maintained and is widely available. Ask Google.

    You'll have to write an engine to run the RUDE dialogue system. That should be pretty straightforward. You'll need to re-script everything, of course. The MM9 scripting language isn't hard to follow. Let me know if you have any questions.

    The old address I have for Tim no longer works. Have him write me at and I'll reply from my personal address.

    Your email address is being displayed in your massages as "". I'm guessing that there's a 'd' in the front and no space at the end. Is that correct?

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