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02/01/2019, 17:22:59">David writes:

    I've read the short write up as suggested. Are you sure that gog didn't respond to you, because I have a copy and it has the Telp watermark and patch number, so they must have used your stuff. I cant help with the 1.3 patch right now because what I want to do is remake the game in the unreal engine, not Lithtech. I figure that a way to get MMIX more popular would be to bring it up to date, I want to make the game as it was intended, fixing multiple issues and possibly adding some new things. I had the idea of changing the ending of the game since a lot of fans complained about the idea of flipping g a switch to finish the game. I want to make every NPC and blank building to be more useful. I have the ideas rolling through my head I just need to find a place to start, Tim said I should try to find a lithtech unpacked so I could just move the files over to unreal and just edit them from there but none of the options we had worked. Speaking of Tim, he says he will probably be sending you some messages about Aeolwyn's Legacy soon, he also wants your email because he lost it. If you could help me that would be great.

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