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Isle of Ash ( Superb wealth and skills to start your adventure. )
10/05/2018, 11:09:43

    Donny writes:

    Once you have collected the Key from the witch and Forrad has joined, you can actually get very wealthy and collect a few very nice items before departing. Of course at this stage practically anything can defeat your group. So then lets clear this little Island of any threats open the safe by the gate and lets save our position to the entrance of that dreaded Tower!? When you enter be sure to have your disarm character ready to act, proceed and turn immediately to your right. Since we can not fight we will rely on sneaky play. To position our party next to a treasure chest then change too Turn Based mode. Open a chest. Repeat this without disturbing the monsters! Can be done! Two other chests with monsters guarding can be accessed. Ok after you open a chest to the right we turn back around and find the best access to the water where you will go under the surface and of course your holding your breath. But while just under the surface of the water you can position your party to an ideal spot next to a monster change into Turn Based with disarm skilled party member ready to act. Now while in turn based mode your party will jump!? Hopefully you have found the best place from which to open the chest without activating the monster! Because your in turn mode the monster is not up yet but you are! you collect the treasure and now find a spot by choosing different angles on your view to the room, I'm looking to see the view that seems to offer the fastest gradual decent back down Under the water. Now there is a third chest that is under the water find and open that without activating the monsters. ( In general I try to obtain a plus 5 item to either my disarm trap or merchant skill. Or three really nice fighting or armer such as helms, gauntlets and boots. Now if you can exit the tower with these items you can once again open the chest in the boathouse. Now position yourself next to the entrance to the tower once again and save here! Enter and then simply exit the tower and open the chest and return to the entrance and save! You can repeat this process until you are satisfied!

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