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02/06/2018, 07:03:13

    Methos writes:

    First of all it's really good to see this site still up and some of the "old" people still active. It's been around 20 years cca since the first time i came here and more than 6 since the last.

    Back to my question before i tear up.

    I just started replaying mm9 after many many years(original cds not working anymore but the gog guys have the game made to work on win10 so that saved me alot of tweaking).

    Anyway I did some quick searches but found little or basic info about hirelings and most stuff i already knew and since I know little about coding to look inside the game I'm asking you guys about a complete list of hirelings(any unknown? the mm9 wiki hinted something) what they do and if one can know what items or equivalents they have.

    And yes i have telp unofficial patch hoping the game won't break on me.

    Thanks in advance.

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