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Just slightly off topic
10/12/2017, 17:46:03

    The Elf Herself writes:

    Hello, all! Yes, I'm still vertical, not yet horizontal.

    For those of us who remember early Jon van Canegham with great fondness, there's a fairly new game out that might please. It's called Heroes of a Blighted Land, and is very reminiscent of the original King's Bounty, the one by JVC, not the present-day adventure/RPG. For those of you who don't go back that far, King's Bounty was IIRC, Jon's first foray into pc gaming. (Heroes of Might & Magic are direct descendants of KB.) The graphics are purposely orthogonal and pixilated, but are still quite good. In HoBL, as in KB, you create a party, improve your home "castle" to include various guilds, trainers, shops, etc. You then explore the wide world, doing a few quests here and there, and destroying various baddies roaming the countryside. Unfortunately it's on Steam, but good heavens, what isn't these days?!

    Having completed MM10 every which way from Sunday, I was feeling nostalgic for old-school RPG's and, what would you call Heroes of M&M, exploration/adventure/RPG? It isn't a 4X, since you're not X-ploiting any hapless competitors.

    Best to all,
    Elderly Elf

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