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Problems solved - partially
11/02/2016, 18:56:54

    Jacko writes:

    ok - all my problems have been solved:

    1 . night issue - changing from default / integrated graphics to regular graphic card

    2. inventory, spell book etc opening for 1 minute or so - running game in windowed mode - used the command:
    +windowed 1

    3. changing resolution to 800 x 600 or slightly higher - 800 x 600 the picture is slightly cut at the bottom but I can live with it, with higher the window is smaller

    4. mok cshell

    5. config file changed - max fps "0" changed to "35"

    these are not my ides. I have collected stuff from here gog discussion, celestial heavens and Polish site "kwasowa grota"

    Well, it is not optimal but since I am not a guy of exorbitant expectations I will give a solo necro a try *evil grin*

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