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A solo MM9 game
10/28/2016, 07:15:21

    Jacko writes:

    I ahve become a fanatic lately, well maybe not so, a few years back, of solo games.

    So far I ahve finished MM8 solo Necro, Knight and a Troll (not sure about him though...but it was close anyway!)

    MM7 - solo necro now working on solo arhcer.

    MM6 - solo sorc but it was work in progress I had to stop for a number of reasons (job, travels, mundane stuff in general) and the mental bond was lost between us (me and my toon) so once I finish with my solo MM7 Archer I will restart a solo mm6 Sorc

    Back to the issue at hand - have anyone of you guys played a solo mm9 game? what toon?

    I basically the drill stays the same - drown the party minus your solo char? it's been ages since I last played MM9,

    cheers guys!

    @Peter2 - I would like to try a solo necro to hae fun with the broken learning skill but otoh...

    ...The Assassin - with GM in blade and thrown weapons - the memory is vague but still alive *evil evil grin*

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