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Fix for black screen at night on Windows 8.1, Intel HD 4000
06/30/2016, 08:08:57

    Google writes:

    Hello all.
    I have found some fix for black screen at night for win 8.1. intel HD 4000.

    Prehistory: I have the Uplay version of MM9. I think it includes the 1.3 patch (but with some changes).
    I tried to play it - but came to the black screen at night (after 5 p.m.). I tried most of the fixes - dll, compatibility, resolution, window - nothing help me.

    When I try to load the Buka version (russian 1.0) - it have some issues with loading screen, but game at night works perfectly.

    Solution: I just copy the CShell.dll and autoexec.cfg (with bit depht fix) from the Buka version to the Uplay version - and now i can play at night

    P.S. I want to ask - if someone already do some work with reverse engineering CShell.dll to the correct lib functions - I can try to understand what is the difference and why it's worked (I have a good programming experience - so the fresh view maybe can help).

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  • Wrong - Google ( Thu 30-Jun-16 08:43:48 )