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Retrying MM9
06/16/2016, 13:28:52

    Steve Jaqvaar writes:

    Hello, anybody home?
    First of all, Chlala, a friend of my wife called her last night from the USA and I swear you have the same voice. I knew it was her, but it still felt as if I was talking to you. Anyway, hope you are well

    Secondly, I have just installed mm9 again. I've lost count how many times I've started this game but never got to finish it, usually due to time constraints. It may sound stupid to start again now (with 4 jobs), but most of the time I just have to be at the winery in case somebody comes, and business has been slow, and I don't start singing for another couple of weeks. So I may actually be able to finish it this time.

    I came here to download the patch, say "hi" and check if you guys are all well. Any tips?

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