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05/09/2016, 20:59:49

    laudheat writes:

    Thank you for Mok's final CSHELL. I loaded it to my data directory in GOG's MM9. The little ship crawls across the Main Screen when I call it up, which it didn't do before, so I know it's reading.

    Most importantly, the sloooooooow movement between screens (Inventory, Main, etc.) is a thing of the past.

    Bad news: My screen still goes black after Resting. . Luckily, the software only cost me a grand total of $4.28 U.S.
    So, if it doesn't work out, I'm not exactly broke, lol.

    And, as I said before, IF they're actually using your 1,3 patch, I don't know where it's loaded at. There's also a text file that says Welcome to Might and Magic IX, version 1.2.

    BUT, the 3 text files labelled TELPs 1.3 ARE also in the directory. Confusing for me, at least.

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