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Another one for MM9 and Win 7 freeze issue
04/02/2016, 13:02:53

    Avalon writes:

    I swear I got this to run on Win 7 years back. I have the GOG version but also an older disc copy(the cd used to work). Both have the freeze issues between menus. I have tried it all, compatibility/admin modes, the DLL fix, reloading direct 9.0c, cracking it (I do own it, lol), re-patching up to 1.3a etc. The DLL fix is interesting as it brings back the loading screen with boat animation but gets stuck there. Underneath I can hear the game sounds and it seems the menus work as intended but I just can't see anything. Well, I just wanted to post to see if there is anything else I might have missed, thanks.

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