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About the MM9 1.4 Patch
10/21/2015, 19:07:43

    jdwalker158 writes:

    It has been over 10 years sense your anouncement of the Might & Magic IX 1.4 Patch.

    I would like an update on what you are doing and where your at.

    Mainly your expected release date.


    Will you tell me if your going to be finishing the character portrait facial expressions and voice sets? Cause I noticed when I extraced the VOICES.REZ file there were a LOT of unused voices.


    - Find a locked door

    - The classic Shop keeper taunts that happen when you have a lot of money and the pc voices that go with them.

    - PC to NPC greetings example "Hi" or "Greetings and Salutations"

    A New One - "No time to talk, sorry!" voices

    - "The Store is closed" greetings. As if the front doors to each of the shops in game are suppose to be locked at night.

    so with all this current content and the unused content and maybe more there may be unused facial expressions that weren't used in-game.

    Some sounds I noticed where unused.

    The old Toxic Cloud sounds from MM8. A sound called ESHIELD that was unused in-game.

    And a LOT more.

    The utility I used was Dragon UnPACKer.

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