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Corner of Screen Flickering
02/27/2015, 11:17:49

    Peter writes:

    Dear Community,

    I am a long-time MM fan and I've finally decided to replay MM9. However, I've been having some trouble. I have more-than-good computer specifications and am running Windows 7. First I tried installing MM9 from my Sold Out disc I bought some years ago and applying 1.2 and 1.3 patches. Everything seemed right, except the top right corner of my screen flickered at times, sometimes revealing slightly the start menu, sometimes showing a black window corner, and sometimes just slightly increasing the brightness of the image displayed in that part of the screen. I ignored that for the moment, but after party creation, saving the game in Ravensford and loading back to that point, the screen froze, and when I ran the game again, there were no saved games files - they were deleted! Then I re-installed the game without any patches and the same problem with flickering persisted. I didn't try playing the game because I assumed the previously encountered problem could still be possible. Finally, I got the GOG version of the game, but the flickering stayed. I made sure every I was running the application as an administrator. I also recall playing the game on Windows XP without any problems. Could this be due to Windows 7? Did anyone else have a similar experience? I do not want to start playing MM9, not so much because of the corner flickering, but because I am afraid I might lose my saved games at a late point in the game. This happened to me in MM6 and I do not want that situation again Any comments will be really appreciated.

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