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Hello again after a long break
01/03/2014, 09:10:47

    Jack writes:

    Hi there again after a very long break (again).

    I can see some of the old(er) regulars are still here

    I recently cleared some stuff from my old apartment and came across a dvd with mm 6, 7, 8, 9.

    Watched some gameplay videos on youtube. It brought back old memories - mm7 all magic parties, mm8 solo lich and solo knight, and my mm9 magic heavy party

    I will be playing anytime soon MM9 Lich Lich Mage Priest party...again!

    Wander if it will be playable on my MSI GT 70 and windows 7 home premium.

    I have recently been playing DIII and PoE but the magic is not there. PoE is a very nice game but there is something missing I cannot put my finger on yet... .

    Maybe this is because mm6 was THE first computer game I played.

    Btw, can someone please remind me of some of the games issues - I remember something about deleting minisaves to complete some missions and other stuff... .

    Anyway - can't wait to start my mm9 again. I wander if my 2-year-old daughter will like it.


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