TELP is currently providing version 1.3a of this patch.  A chance review of the files in version 1.3 revealed that 22 updated files never made it into the first release.  If you have already installed version 1.3 then you will want to download and run our 1.3 to 1.3a patch.  We sincerely regret any inconvenience.

Both patches are being distributed as zipfiles.  Each ZIP package contains 2 files: the patching program itself and a copy of its User's Guide.  You won't need to keep a zipfile after its patch has been installed; the patch will have already done its job and a copy of the basic 1.3 User's Guide will have been placed in your MM9 folder.  You will want to read the User's Guide before installing the patch.  The guide for TELP's 1.3a patch can also be read by using the link at the left.

You will need to install the official 1.2 patch before installing before installing TELP's 1.3a patch.  You can download the patch here:

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TELP's 1.3a is a true patch.  It will sift through the files to be updated and make only the necessary changes.  This has kept the size of the patch down to 404KB.  You'll be downloading a 401KB ZIP file.  Click the button below to begin.

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Our 1.3 to 1.3a patch will add the missing files to an installation of MM9 which has already been updated with our first 1.3 release.  Such games will run but not have all of the bug fixes which were initially claimed.  You should upgrade your game to 1.3a as soon as possible because some of the fixes will only take effect when an area is entered for the first time.  This is a 166KB download.

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These files are being stored at our FTP site.  Please report any problems to telphelp@yahoo.com.

© 2003 The Erathian Liberation Party