Welcome!  It's a great pleasure to present this site about 3DO/New World Computing's newest Might and Magic computer role-playing game:

Might and Magic IX

TELP has produced several websites to bring you tips and references for earlier Might & Magic games, but MM9 needs more.  It needs to be fixed.  3DO couldn't afford to give the MM9 development team the time they needed to finish the game, so we have taken up the task of correcting as many bugs as we can and making this game all it was intended to be.  To learn more, visit our Patches section.  As always, you are invited to our Tavern to share news and ask questions about the game.

Of course, this page is not official or endorsed in any way by either 3DO or NWC.  It's a page made by fans of the M&M computer role-playing games for...well, other fans! ; ) Refer to the About page for details and legal stuff.

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