Thank you for your interest.  TELP's activities have always been done for the love of the M&M games and the people they attract.  TELP is a hobby; none of us is professionally affiliated with the gaming industry or get anything more than personal satisfaction and your gratitude for our efforts.

Even hobbies cost money, of course.  Our routine costs are for webspace and bandwidth.  Our work on the MM9 patch has required some new software; I expect a MM9 mod would need more.  Our current license for our message board software is free, but we will have to buy an upgrade if we want to add additional boards.

These are not large expenses and TELP won't shut down if you don't contribute, but some folks have asked how they could send us a donation.  What you send is up to you, but please don't embarrass us with your generosity.  If we adopt a standard suitable to a tavern, a donation equal to anything between a soft drink and a bottle of wine would be appropriate -- and graciously accepted.

Sending money over the web has become increasing safe and secure, but reading the 'Terms of Acceptance' can be daunting.  Here are two services that can be used with a credit card.  All accounts are free to set up and can be funded alternatively by bank transfers.

Now owned by eBay, PayPal became a major vehicle for transferring funds by catering to auctions.  That is still their primary, but not exclusive, venue.  PayPal provides service to citizens of 38 counties and provides exchange between major currancies.  Donations can be sent to 'telphelp@yahoo.com'.  Visit http://www.paypal.com to learn more.

Yahoo! PayDirect
This new service offered though the popular web portal is available currently only to US citizens.  PayDirect appears to be set up as a direct competitor to PayPal.  It is not as well developed and we can't recommend it.  If you already have a PayDirect account you can use it send a donation to 'telphelp@yahoo.com'.  Go to http://paydirect.yahoo.com.
If you don't have a credit card, would like to use Western Union or a money order, or would rather not trust the web, send us an email at telphelp@yahoo.com for postal information.  You should also know that a hand-written note and selection of non-American coins might not defray our expenses but would be joyously received nonetheless!

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