R E F E R E N C E  -  D U N G E O N S

We've provided three indexes to the Dungeon pages, sorted differently, so that you can either find or avoid specific information.  Choose your index at the left, then select a Dungeon from the list in this frame.

The technical distinctions between Regions and Dungeons are based on the type of 3D engine that is being used to generate your surroundings.  The minimap for a Region uses a bit-mapped graphic; the map of a Dungeon is generated from the defined surfaces.  Outdoor Spells will only work in Regions and indoor ones only in Dungeons.

However, NWC has blurred the gameplay distinctions between Regions and Dungeons even further than it did in MM7.  For the sake of clarity we've relied on the technical distinctions for these pages, so if you can't find what you're looking for it's probably in our Regions section.

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