A N S W E R S  -  A R C O M A G E   Q U E S T

These are the Taverns in which you'll have to win a game of Arcomage to complete the Arcomage Champion Quest:

Map name Tavern name
Dagger Wound Isles The Grog and Grub
Ravenshore Kessel's Kantina
Ravenshore The Dancing Ogre
Alvar The Profit House
Alvar Miho's Roadhouse
Ironsand Desert The Parched Throat
Garrote Gorge The Dragon's Blood Inn
Shadowspire The Black Company
Murmurwoods The Traveler's Rest
Ravage Roaming The Bull's Eye Inn
Regna Island The Pirate's Rest

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Thanks to Spark for supplying this info.

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