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Emerald Island Red Dragon Down
12/27/2015, 05:49:21

    Jack1 writes:

    I know this has been done befor but I just cannot help it and need to brag a little

    - I lured some dragon flies to kil Mr Mavric for his wand;
    - I saved / loaded the cave until I got second wand;
    It was way quicker to kill the dragon with two wands as they didnt run out of charges and bows would notoriousy miss; with bows it would just take much longer;
    - I figured out a tactics - going in and out of turned based combat so dragon does not attac;
    - saved after each succesful hit with wand; wand passed between toons;

    now im gonna multiloot the guy for two artefacts, bows preferably or whatever i will needforthe party.

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