The Tavern Guide - Your guide to posting on TELP's M&M Messageboards
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Ground Rules
  • No spamming, flaming or profanity.
  • No discussion of warez
  • Do not post in all CAPS.
  • Check if your question is answered already.
  • Have fun!

  • Tips
    Please remember to always overwrite out the "Subject" field when replying to an existing message. Keep short answers or questions in the "Subject" field alone - the system will add "(n/t)" (meaning "no text") automatically.

    As an exception to this rule, avoid putting spoilers in the "Subject" field. They should always go in the "Message" field, so as to avoid spoiling it for those who may wish not to be spoiled.

    Kiwi's MM6 Tips
    If you are looking for the infamous Kiwi's list of tips for MM6, which has traditionally been located alongside The Tavern Guide, please click here.

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