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Hey, Ossie! Aren't you forgetting. . .
07/28/2021, 11:51:19

    The Elf writes:

    . . . the dog, which you can get quite early on? I always depended on him when I used Light Magic parties. (I don't remember his name, and I can't go find him because of my stubbornness in refusing to pay for MMX yet a third time.) He's being held by a gang of thugs in the woods one map down (or thereabouts) from New Sorpigal or whatever the starting town is. (Again, senior moment. I am 84, after all.) Instead of taking him back to his kennel/lair, just add him to the party.

    I've completed MMX with every possible class as main character, both Light and Dark. So unless the game has been re-patched, it should be possible to win it every time.

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