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That sounds like a material for a sizable book...
04/08/2021, 03:28:54

    Ramillies writes:

    so I guess you will have to cut a lot of the side quests and so on?

    Anyway, I think that if you can muster some more interest in MM's with it, it will be good. Of course, the games are old and the graphics weren't that good even when they came out, but all the content is well worth giving it a play.

    As for the character comments, I think that the ones that people remember the most are the snarky ones. "Right away!" didn't really stick in my mind; however I'm sure everyone can recall the little "dialogue" that occurs when you visit a shop and don't buy anything. "See you, cheapskate!" - "Well... I? Never!" Or maybe better, "Rot in hell, you penny-pinching miser!" -- that comes from MM7. At least they tend to give a good chuckle to me, even if I know about them.

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