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A bit on my writing
04/07/2021, 23:16:18

    Eric B writes:

    My story is, more or less, a combination of a recap of a game, with a little "Artistic liberty" thrown in, hence my constant experimenting with the game.

    I do have a couple of comments from the characters thrown in. One such comment would be when they get some lunch at the tavern; they ask the innkeeper to bring them some, and he answers "Right away!" Also, I kept the dialogue in getting and completing the quests very close to the originals.

    Plus, since in my story my party came from New Sorpigal, I have several nods to MM6 thrown in, including a brief hypothesis as to what eventually happened to the party from MM6 who saved Enroth -- which was mentioned in passing during a conversation between the MM7 party.

    I will say that to a MM7 fan, it will seem quite familiar, or to one who hadn't played it in a while, it will trigger the memory. To non-MM7 players, I'm hoping it stirs up some interest in the game.

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