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04/07/2021, 20:16:13

    Ramillies writes:

    I think that in this scene, it's almost mandatory to include some of the snarky comments that the characters in MM7 have when you identify items. Off the top of my head, I can remember "What a piece of junk!" and "Bah, it's useless!" I'm remembering these fondly, because the characters often said aloud just what was in my head at that moment . It would be a nice "easter egg", and well in line with the default character names from MM6 .

    By the way, for me the first two paragraphs sound a bit too much like just a recount of a MM7 game being played and not an "actual" story ("Zoltan had basic perception", ..., "he'd have a better chance to avoid getting diseased" etc.) But of course, that may be what you actually want, and even then, I'm seeing it only because I know the game reasonably well. However, if you by chance wanted to replace it, you could use something like "(...) they knew Zoltan had sharper sight and quicker reflexes than the rest of them (...) and rummaging through those piles of rotting garbage swarming with insects and rats could easily get you ill if you weren't careful". You could also make him moan at times about how they make him pick through all the disgusting stuff they find. But don't let me interfere with your story too much...

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