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Writing sample
04/02/2021, 10:36:08

    Eric B writes:

    OK, so I've decided to share just a small snippet of what I've written thus far. This takes place after the party clears the monsters from Castle Harmondale, but before the place gets fixed up. So, at this point, they're going through all the trash that's all over the place, and trying to salvage whatever they can find.
    ...they decided to head back to their new home. Walking inside, they decided to take a better look around their castle. Since Zoltan had basic perception, the four agreed that he should be the one to pick through all of the garbage that was strewn around, since he'd have a better chance to avoid getting diseased from picking through the piles.

    In the foyer, they found five piles of rubbish. In three of them, Zoltan found some leather armor. He found a hammer in another one, and in the last one he found a pair of leather boots. Everything he found was given to Serena, so that she could sell it off.

    Making their way down the hall, they went to the corner tower room, finding a couple of more piles of trash. These yielded some old, rusty chain-link armor.

    "This looks more like it's fit for the junkyard than anything else," Roderick commented, as he looked it over.

    "You aren't kidding!" Serena answered, as she gave the armor a disapproving stare. Then, she put it in her pack. "But then, the armorsmith could probably melt it down and make it into something worthwhile!"

    "Or, we could also wear it," Alexis said, with a smirk. "Then we could be knights in rusty armor!"

    Serena tilted her head at Alexis. "Wouldn't you rather be a knight in white satin?" She finally asked, "I always thought that sounded much better!"

    The two men rolled their eyes, and then the four turned their attention to the two barrels in the back corner of the tower room.
    For the rest? Guess you'll have to wait until I've finished...thanks to work and life, I've been writing in little spurts here and there, but it's slowly coming along.

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