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The Gold Box games! How could I forget?
03/27/2021, 12:10:06

    The Elf writes:

    I played every SSI (Strategic Simulations Inc,)game that I could get my hands on--not easy when the only source for games was:
    1. The monthly computer show in either the civic auditorium or the county fairgrounds.
    2. Mail order from Egghead or Chips and Bits (neither of which had brick and mortar stores then.)
    3. A day-long outing to The Bay Area for a visit to the original Fry's store or Weird Stuff.
    At that time, if I'd been offered a $500 gift certificate to either Fry's or Macy's, I'd have chosen Fry's, hands down.
    The various forays into Krynne taught me how to map dungeons correctly (white rectangle for unlocked door, black rectangle for locked door, etc.) I don't remember where I saw the dungeon maps in print--I think maybe the manual for Pool of Radiance showed one beginner dungeon. Being at that time a professional map draftsman, I ate up map-drawing like candy.

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