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I never came across those
03/24/2021, 21:07:48

    Peter2 writes:

    Having started out on the Adventure games, I continued with those for some time. My memory's a bit hazy about that period after all this time, but I think I played Sierra's Space Quest 2 and 3 (I don't think I played 1), but I gave up on SQ4 which I thought was ridiculous. IIRC, you started out in what seemed to be a junkyard for spaceships, trying to catch a consarned rabbit with nothing but a piece of rope. And there was just one particular place you could form a noose and hide to trap the thing. And so it went on . . . And I seem to remember having a go at at least one one of the King's Quest games. But I didn't have an awful lot of spare time back then there was so often something else that needed doing.

    But then somebody put me on to Tunnels and Trolls, which I think was JVC's game before starting on the Might & Magic games. That was pretty good, but then I found MM3 and that was it. That really was the goods. And I never looked back. The only thing I slightly regret was that I never came across a copy of Zork that I could play on any of the computers I had before I left the adventure games behind and moved on to the RPG games. I played it once for an hour, but that was as a guest on a big computer whose main business had nothing to do with me.

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