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Sierra hint books
03/23/2021, 13:43:08

    Eric B writes:

    Yes, they had the answers "Hidden" behind a reddish design, if you will. To look at the answer, you'd hold the pane of red cellophane over the answer area, and the red design would blend in with the cellophane, making the words "appear" through the pane.

    As I recall, Sierra also had some phony clues, with admonishments for looking at the phony ones.

    I enjoyed Sierra games when I was a teen. When my aunt got that Tandy 1000 computer back in 1988 or so, suddenly my beloved Infocom games became so "Antiquated." Instead of having to use my imagination to see what was happening, now I actually had crude (By today's standards) graphics to actually see the action, including a character you could move around the "Room" to do different things. Of course, that begat different frustrations --- having to have your character's sprite in just the right place to do certain things, for example.

    Onward and upward.

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