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The dust cover as the last step - memories!
03/22/2021, 01:22:45

    Ossie writes:

    Tunnels of Doom was awesome. We had a group of 4 mates who played together, and we all always took control one one of the characters. Except we had one guy who was *obsessed* with the fountains, which provided a random change, +ve or -ve, to either hit points (your theoretical maximum) or wounds (your current HPs). As soon as we found a fountain, we'll all just leave for 45 minutes while he tried to get his character to the maximum 120 HPs (which, of course, was an equally great chance of killing them permanently by bringing them to zero HPs).

    "Or, the disappointment when you'd finally type RUN, only to discover that the game really wasn't all it was cracked up to be". They were ALL like that!

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