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Oh yes, floods of memories!
03/21/2021, 21:52:15

    The Elf writes:

    I remember when playing games, it seemed to take FOREVER to load--first waiting for the program to read the disk, then for it to load the program, then FINALLY you could actually play--until you went to a different "map" (inside and outside buildings were different maps, for instance,) when you had wait and wait again.
    It was driving me nuts (God give me patience, and I want it NOW!) so I started keeping crochet hooks,scissors,and yarn nearby. I actually crocheted Afghans* for my mother, my sister, and myself, along with sweaters and baby clothes for a pregnant friend while waiting for the 'puter to load. Fun times!

    * No long-haired dogs or people from Afghanistan were harmed in the process. "Afghan" in this sense is strictly meant as a lap rug or couch throw.

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