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Sadly, you can sometimes meet the same horrible teaching style even today here.
02/28/2021, 16:24:21

    Ramillies writes:

    I was just fortunate to not get much of it. I also had the luck that I somehow got accustomed to listening to a great radio series called "Toulky českou minulostí" (which would translate to "Wandering through the Czech history"). It actually ran for more than 20 years straight, covering our history from the oldest stuff we know, up to the emergence of the first Czechoslovak Republic in 1918. I used to have an MP3 player full of these and I listened to them everywhere.

    So after some time, I actually could "excavate" the real story even if just given the horrible list of battles and dates, and I liked history very much until I got into the college. From then on, sadly the tons of math, physics and other stuff don't leave me much space to learn history, or at least refresh the knowledge, and so it's slowly going away.

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