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That's only natural.
02/28/2021, 08:55:10

    Ramillies writes:

    I do know some bits of history of Central Europe, since that's from where I come. Of course I remember the most from my nation's history (i. e. Czech/Bohemian), but with that, there come bits and pieces of history of the surrounding nations, and sometimes not so surrounding. For instance, maybe you will remember about the battle of Crécy in 1346 as one of the early English victories in the Hundred Years War. However in Czech history, it is remembered because a King of Bohemia, Jan Lucemburský (that would translate as John of Luxembourg), sought (and found) heroic death in that battle. (He was a very adventurous person and much into the "knightly stuff" of that period, like tournaments. In the 1340's, first one of his eyes became blind and the other shortly followed. Blind and quite old (he was in his fifties), he knew that he was most likely to die of old age, unable to take care of himself, in a very unknightly way. So in that battle, when it was very clear that the French (with which he sided) have lost, he bade a couple of Bohemian noblemen to tether his horse to theirs and to carry him against the English bowmen. Just like in some sort of old heroic epic.)

    You see, another story! And wasn't going to tell one . However, the Czech history makes for one heck of a story, though we are only a little nation. There is everything you would want, from periods of awesome greatness, when the Bohemian kingdom stretched up to the sea and all would tremble before it, to the periods of horrible misery when it looked like the state and the people will vanish altogether. But, ultimately, the Czech language is still spoken in these lands, and that's also a sizable miracle.

    Anyway, even when I was very interested in history back in the high school, I didn't get that much of the history of England and America, although I had at least some basic facts. And although I'm still young, most of the memory has already faded away. It's only natural that you have it the other way.

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