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(Off-Topic) Where is Finland's Crazy Bear When You Need Him?
02/26/2021, 14:48:54

    The Elf writes:

    (Reference to FCB in title, is that if he were still available, he would immediately solve my problem/curiosity.)
    Several days ago, I ran across a sudoku puzzle magazine I'd bought at some northern airport and completely forgotten about. (Sudoku and those make-a-picture by shading certain squares in a numbered grid are great for an international traveler to solve on lo-o-ong flights, since their logic transcends language--that is, if you already know the mechanics of solving them. Also, if the logimaze, paint-by-number, nanogram or whatever the local term for the picture puzzles use Arabic numbers. Having played 4-person mah-jong, I could probably figure out Chinese, but not Japanese or whatever.) At any rate, I got the magazine, and am trying to figure out where. The only places we've flown to in the last ten years are: are Russia via Helsinki, France, and Norway via Helsinki. France can be eliminated immediately, of course, since I do remember enough 10th-grade French to recognize it when I see it. Similar Russia is eliminated, since the language is plainly not Cyrilic. So that leaves Finnish and Norwegian. Here's the first sentence of the words on the inside of the magazine's cover:
    Tervetuloa SUDOKU AARTEET -lehden pariin!
    Can anyone tell which language it is?
    Incidentally, the publishing info is no help at all. According to the info, "Sudoku Aarteet -lehteš julkaisee Bromleigh House Ltd. of Devon. (Wasn't sure ASCII would work here, but it did!)

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