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Having the Ubi client forced on you was the reason I didn't buy the game.
02/23/2021, 05:37:04

    Peter2 writes:

    Once I buy a game, the last thing I want is continued interference from the supplier.

    I'd be interested to learn how you compared MMX with MMVI. My two favourites among the MM games are still 3 & 6. MM3 is now ancient, but in its day it was ground-breaking, and in terms of the sheer skill and ingenuity in the number and variety of the riddles and puzzles it set the player, it set a standard which IMO no other RPG has matched. The only game I ever enjoyed as much as those two was The Legend of Darkmoon (Eye of the Beholder 2), but compared to the Might & Magic series, that lacked a lot in replayability.

    I appreciate the excellence of MM7, but personally I disliked the fact that it was impossible for a party to have access to both Light and Dark Magic. It is a good game, but I don't enjoy it as much.

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