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Fascinating! Please let us know what happens.
12/05/2020, 15:03:12

    Peter2 writes:

    I started a Dark Path game with a Druid many years ago, but I had to leave it for a while, and when I returned to it, I found I wasn't enjoying it. So I never got to the point where I saw his familiar.

    I never liked the Druid in this game. After he's prepared the black potions, I judged him to be a near-total waste of space. In this game especially, there is a significant difference between the capabilities of a master-level character and a grandamster, and I found that it was nigh-on (pun fully intended! ) essential that all members of the party should be able to GM at least one combat skill. A Druid cannot do that. He's a loust fighter, and he can't GM any magic skill. He can GM Alchemy and Meditation, and that's all.

    And a comment in passing I thought Meditation was a singularly pointless skill for the Druid to have. All those extra spell points and nothing worthwhile to use them on . . . *sigh*

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