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Update to patches on GOG versions
12/04/2020, 17:00:03

    Ossie writes:

    Well, all this talk made me keen to start yet another game, this time MM7 - should post this in the newly opened MM7 Tavern but it's more an answer to Rust's general qn.

    As per previous post, I'm sure I've previously used all GOG versions on current kit, and they played as if fully patched. But when I fired up MM7 it was contained in a 4:3 box and did not stretch to my widescreen monitor (not windowed, a full-screen game but just in a 4:3 box with black bands down both sides). Some Googling revealed a new Greyface patch that I didn't remember, so I installed it and this fixed the game to run on full widescreen.

    BUT, in a surprise I definitely haven't seen before, Greyface has played with the positioning of the interface to take advantage of all the new widescreen real estate. The character portraits are still in their familiar place along the bottom, but with space between them rather than the familiar solid bar (so you can, for instance, collect objects, drink from fountains etc by clicking in the space BETWEEN the characters!). Further, the status icons I remember being in the top right have been split so resistances are now in the top left while buffs (Haste, Heroism etc) are in the top right, and again in a see-through chunks rather than the familiar solid box. It is a VERY nice feel and a wonderful surprise!

    For those who care, I normally play the Light path because it suits my stand & bash-it-out style rather than continually entering TB to use magic. But this time I really wanted to see the Druid's familiar, which I've never used before, so it's a Dark path game. Cleric and Sorceror are pretty much standards for GM Protection From Magic and Lloyd's Beacon, not to mention Shrapmetal, so that left the muscle. The Thief really seemed to fit the mood, so I'm going with TCDS. Have just promoted the Sorceror, reached Nighon to activate Town Portals, and installed Judge Sleen in the Arbiter's house so we'll see what trouble this group can stir up!

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