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Enroth Transit Times
12/02/2020, 17:09:34

    Eric B writes:

    I really appreciate everyone's thoughts on my theoretical question. The main reason I was asking this is because I got hit with some inspiration while at work about a month or two back, and decided to write a fanfiction based on an adventure in MM7 that I'd started, just for said story.

    However, I'm taking some "Artistic liberties" in the story to explain away some of the discrepancies in the game (Such as the aforementioned Emerald Island to Harmondale by ship debacle.) I'm also using "Artistic liberties" to elaborate a bit more on a few other people, items, and quests that are encountered.

    So, in my story, my party consists of two male humans, a female human, and a female elf. Roderick and Alexis have the same icons as originally given, while Zoltan and Serena are also humans. In my story, Zoltan is a Ranger, Roderick is a Druid, Serena is a Cleric, and Alexis is the Sorceror. All four are lifelong friends that came from New Sorpigal, and heard of the Scavenger Hunt through a flyer that they got in the mail one morning.

    I probably won't do anything more than put it up on my social media, where I have other short stories that I've written over the years. This is the first Medieval adventure that I've attempted to write, and probably the most violent story in general, so I'd probably rate it at least Teen.

    Thanks again, everyone!

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