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First off...
11/28/2020, 01:09:42

    Rustavius writes:

    ...Harmondale is landlocked.

    Because of this, we have to assume that the week of travel time includes a coach ride from either Erathia or Tatalia; possibly Tatalia since Lord Markham was the one hosting the contest.

    Comparing the topography of the map of Enroth against the map of Erathia, I'd say the two landmassess probably broke off of each other at some point in the distant past, with Erathia sliding southeast of Enroth. Vori then becomes a glacial remnant left between the two landmasses, much like Greenland is between North America and Europe. Emerald Island would probably be south of Tatalia, given the tropical climate, and possibly even positioned roughly opposite of Regna from Jadame.

    So, given New Sorpigal's position in the south east corner of Enroth, I'm thinking it would be about a 10 day trip by boat, but I'm also curious about what others might think.

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